by | Dec 2, 2021 | News

Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP

What is your name and position? How long have you worked at Finca? 

“My name is Travis Weddle and I am the Production Manager. This is my 6th season with the farm, been here since July of 2020.”

What is a special memory you have had on the farm?

“I would say that my most special memories on the farm are when I’m here alone in the morning or evening and the zinc factory is not on and I can enjoy the symphony of insects and birds as I look out over the crops.”

What is something you have learned about farming at Finca that you will take with you? 

“Finca has been an excellent place to learn how to farm. Tommy is a great teacher and I feel confident that I could start a similar sized operation with all the knowledge I’ve gained in the last year and a half.”

What is something you are proud of from your time at Finca? 

“I am proud that Finca donates healthy food to the surrounding neighborhoods every week, that we keep most of our food within 3 miles of the farm, and that we grow 100% organically.”

What are you most excited about for Finca’s future? 

“I am excited to see the positive impact that Finca will have on the neighborhood by having a long term lease agreement with the county. Hopefully Finca will be a permanent green space in the community and the county will realize that having much more similar spaces are necessary.”