Capital Campaign

The First of Many

Small Places is raising $2.7 million over the next 24 months from philanthropy to fully develop the new Finca Tres Robles farm with improved farm land and additional mission critical infrastructure, to expand programming, and to improve the health outcomes of even more residents in the East End.

What makes our new farm special…


The new facilities will allow us to triple the number of households we can feed from and the number of guests we can host at the farm.


The 40 year land agreement in partnership with Harris County means we can fully invest in our farm and our community for generational change.


Our upgraded facilities will allow us to increase food production on our farm and distribution points for increased convenience and access.

Through a collaboration with Harris County, Small Places is relocating Finca Tres Robles to a new 40 year home on an improved tract of land next door!

To make a successful transition, Small Places will make a series of capital investments to address mission-critical needs. These improvements will help us touch even more homes in our community.

This campaign will allow Small Places to re-develop and re-open our flagship urban farm, Finca Tres Robles, on our new 1.5 acre property.

Development Budget

Soft Costs

Architect, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, MEP engineering

Farm Land Site Prep

Site excavation, grading, drainage, soil relocation etc.


Store, Offices, Classroom, Pavilion, Bathrooms, Parking, Detention, etc.

Start Up Operational & Programming Support

(Transitional support, increased staffing capacity pre-revenue, programming start-up


We invest in small solutions as the pathway to realizing larger structural change.

We invite you to join us on this journey!

Naming Opportunities

Pavilion – $200,000

The farm is more than a place to grow food. It is a place to commune together and break bread. This pavilion allows gatherings, arts, celebrations and education to take place on our farm for thousands of more individuals.

Farm Store – $175,000

The first store of its kind in our community, this tienda allows us to increase the diversity and convenience for access of fruits, vegetables and other essential foods for our neighborhood. Your support means we can triple the number of households served.

Classroom – $125,000 SOLD OCTOBER 2023

A comfortable indoor space with the kitchen tools and tables to create an ideal experience for learning how to cook, bake, ferment, and garden right here on the farm. With an anticipated 3,000 students and attendees for our educational programs, this will be well used.

Three Oak Trees – $25,000 Sold October 2022

These trees are the namesake of our farm and an icon of our community. Your contribution guarantees forty (40) more years of “robles” on our farm.

Post Harvest Station – $50,000

The central hub of our farm work, the post harvest station is where our farm team congregates, plans our days, communicates information, and then washes, packs and prepares our vegetables for distribution. Your sponsorship helps us make this meet Food Safety standards as well as a vital piece of our educational experiences as young and old see how food goes from field to home.

Arbor and Picnic Area – $40,000

This common space will be used daily by those visiting the farm to buy produce, attend a class or learn on a field trip. 

Rescued Oak Tree Bench Sponsorship – 10 @ $10,000 each

We will rescue the the three (3) oak trees from our original site by converting them into tables and benches by a local carpenter. Maintaining our relationship with our original farm and story in this way is both a meaningful and tangible contribution to our community.

Sponsor a Fruit Tree – 40 @ $1,000 each

The farm orchard integrated and expanded over the farm space will be here for 40 years. Your investment up front establishes a bountiful fruit harvest of citrus, peaches, persimmons, and figs for decades to come.