by | Oct 28, 2014 | News

Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP

Finca Tres Robles (Spanish for three oaks farm) is the name of our agricultural operation here inside the 610 loop on Houston’s east end. It’s a 1.25 acre lot (the shape of a ¼ slice of pie) just about 4 miles east of Houston’s City Hall that we are leasing from an area company. It’s taken about 18 months to have gotten to the point where we humbly can say we have a farm. We have spent much of that last year and a half (while not working our jobs) researching, talking, asking questions, brainstorming, doing and then researching, talking, asking questions, brainstorming and doing all over again. I wouldn’t say it’s been a quick process (and there still is so much work to be done), but we have moved steadily forward towards our goal of having a functional farm right in the city. We have already begun planting a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees and in just a few more weeks, we’ll have some produce ready to be sold to individuals and families here in Houston and more specifically on the East Side.