Celebrating Flavors of the Neighborhood

A festival to celebrate a new community tradition centered around the start of Houston’s fresh tomato season





May 18 2024


10:00 am - 3:00 pm


5715 Canal St.
Houston, TX 77011

We’re excited to bring this neighborhood-based, family-friendly event to the backyard of Houston’s East End!

We invite our community to come out to the undeveloped grounds of their new Finca Tres Robles to sample the sweet tastes of the beginning of Houston’s fresh tomato season with a salsa and vegetable competition.

Who knows, you could even be crowned this year’s Salsa de Mayo Champion with your stellar home crafted salsa!

Free games, music, and fun for everyone!

There will be an East End bike ride, games, music, and local vendors to entertain old and young alike. We can’t wait to gather with our neighbors to share the flavors of our neighborhood and the farm and we hope you’ll join us.

The event is free and open to the public

If you are interested in entering a salsa, volunteering during an event, or becoming a sponsor for the event you can learn more in the links below.

More details about the event will coming out regularly so be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.


-10:00 am: Event Kick-Off

-10:30 am – 1:00 pm: Salsa Tasting

-10:30 am – 3:00 pm: Music, games, food, artists, vendors

-2:00 pm: Salsa Winners Announced

Interested in supporting us & our event?

Become a sponsor of Salsa de Mayo to help make this seasonal neighborhood celebration memorable!

Second Annual

Salsa Competition

Calling all home salsa makers, home growers, and farmers! We will be hosting our second annual Salsa Competition for everyone to show off their skills in the kitchen, sharing the sweet tastes of the beginning of Houston’s fresh tomato season!

Tend to your garden beds and break into the spice cabinet this Spring as we look for the best of the best in Houston! Who knows, you could even be crowned the second Salsa de Mayo Champion with your stellar home crafted salsa!

Salsa Competition

Enter your salsa and be sure to bring your “A” games. Attendees will vote on their favorite salsa’s and a panel of celebrity judges will pick out their favorites as well.

Become a part of Salsa de Mayo by volunteering at the event!

Second Annual

Salsa de Mayo Bike Ride

Finca Tres Robles is excited to announce the inaugural Salsa de Mayo bike ride! This ride, guided by our friends at East End Bike Ride, will lead riders through points of interest in the East End as part of the celebration of the flavors of the neighborhood.

Proceeds from the ride registration will benefit Wellness on Wheels, an East End neighborhood bike ride whose mission is to assist youth that are struggling with mental health issues through adventure therapy within cycling.

Registration is free! Donate $20 or more and receive a special Salsa de Mayo bike rider event t-shirt!

East End Bike Ride
Brand Name

Join our market at Salsa de Mayo as a vendor and offer your great products to our community!

Salsa de Mayo Musica

Come for the salsa, stay for the entertainment! Finca is bringing local Houston artists to the stage for an amazing lineup.

DJ Rosez setting the vibes for the day, Tejano sounds by Abril Rios, performance art by ms. YET, the psychedelic sounds of Gio Chamba, world renowned Suffers front woman Kam Franklin and traditional Mariachi sounds by Mariachi Orgullo.

Also featuring a performance by Jill of all trades, Persephone Queen, who will also b join us as a salsa judge and HOST for the day! 

FREE ENTRY for the whole family!

Got tomatoes…?

Every month for the first four years of Finca Tres Robles’ founding, people would drop by the farm asking for fresh tomatoes, including on cold days in the months of January and February. We realized that most Houstonians know very little about our local seasons and unique climate and what vegetables are available when. 

It even took us a few years to really begin to understand that November thru February can be great months to grow vegetables and unlike the rest of the country, we prefer to take off June to August because of the “inferno” season, a season of extreme heat that most of the rest of the country doesn’t experience.

Salsa de Mayo is a celebration of what makes Houston, our climate and our community such a unique place and is the beginning of a new annual gathering in our East End community. We can’t wait to get together with our neighbors to share the flavors of our neighborhood and the farm and we hope you’ll join us. Salsa De Mayo, will continue to build upon Finca Tres Robles’ nine years of bringing the East End community together to celebrate farming, food and our neighborhood.