February by the Numbers

by | Apr 21, 2015 | News

Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP

We make a real effort to be conscientious of how we run our farm. We’re using this data so you can see some of the realities of a functioning farm and so we can challenge ourselves to reflect month by month on how we could operate even better.

We send these numbers out each month in our Newsletter but had forgotten to put them up on our blog. Here they are:

  • Amount of Space Currently Planted: 3720 square feet

  • Pounds of Harvest: 118.95 lbs

  • Number of Plants Seeded/Repotted: 6481

  • Number of Transplants Planted: 453

  • Frosts on the Farm: 4

  • Hours Worked by Volunteers: 29 hours

  • Compost Made on the Farm: 1 Cubic Yard

  • City Water Used: 810 Gallons

  • Biomass (organic waste) Collected (kept out of our landfills)

    • Coffee grounds: 844 lbs

    • Transportation: 0 Gallons

    • Other Biomass:  316 lbs(spent grains/vegetable scraps) 

  • Gasoline Used by the farm: On the Farm: 0 Gallons