January by the Numbers

by | Feb 11, 2015 | News

Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP

We make a real effort to be conscientious of how we run our farm. We’re using this data so you can see some of the realities of a functioning farm and so we can challenge ourselves to reflect month by month on how we could operate even better.

Numbers from the month:

  • Amount of Space Currently Planted: 3415 square feet

  • Pounds of Harvest: 62.165 lbs.

  • Number of Plants Seeded: 5160

  • Number of Transplants Planted: 343

  • Harvested Rain Water Used: 300 Gallons

  • Volunteer Hours: 75 hours

  • Compost Made on the Farm: 1 1/3 Cubic Yard

  • City Water Used: 440 gallons

  • Biomass (organic waste) Collected (kept out of our landfills)

    • Woodchips: 8 Truck-loads = 120 cubic yards = 30 tons

    • Transportation: 10.3 Gallons

    • Other Biomass: 833.5 lbs. (coffee grounds/vegetable scraps)

  • Gasoline used by the Farm: On the Farm: None