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Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP

Our okra on the farm

Our okra on the farm

We are in the full swing of okra season!

For those of you who are new to okra, okra is a delightful veggie that is typically found in southern dishes. The taste can best be described as a mild, grassy flavor and it is crunchy when raw and mouthwateringly tender when cooked. We love crunching on raw okra for a snack and using it in many other ways.

Okra harvest!

Okra harvest!

Ceci’s chilled okra

Ceci’s chilled okra

Ceci’s Chilled Okra

12-15 fresh okra


Sea Salt


Boil Okra 4-8min (to desired firmness). Remove from pot and place directly in an ice bath to blanch for a couple of minutes. Cut off ends of okra then mix with vinegar, sea salt, pepper, and other favorite spices. Enjoy!



Pickled Okra


Hot Peppers of choice

Raw Garlic

Black peppercorn

White vinegar

Put all ingredients in a jar and let sit for a week. Enjoy!