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Season: Fall 2021

Size: Half Share

Week 8 of 12

November 20th, 2021


Hi CSA! 

I hope you have all had a great week so far and I hope you enjoy this week’s veggies! This past week there was a potluck at the farm for our CSA members and neighborhood families. I may have seen or met a few of you there! It was great meeting some of you and enjoying everyone’s company and dishes. The food was amazing! I was so inspired by what everyone made. I love gathering with others and sharing a meal that everyone created, it’s the best feeling ever. Thank you all for coming out and celebrating this event with the farm. There are more to come soon if you weren’t able to make it out. I can’t wait! Next week is Thanksgiving, I hope everyone may enjoy those days with loved ones and with time to reflect and connect. This time of the year always makes me want to gather with friends and family, eat lots of food, and sit by a fire. 

I can’t believe this CSA season is going by so quickly. It’s bittersweet this will be the last season until the farm re-opens at the new location. Thanks to all of you for being a part of the farm’s CSA.  I am so grateful I got to experience this farm when I did. I have learned so much and have grown new friendships. Tommy, Mary, and Travis are amazing farmers, Gabriel is such a hard working man, and Madi is so fun to work the stand with! All of the team, I am thankful I can call my friends. They each have taught me so much in their own ways. The veggies, the seasons, and all that is the life of farming has also taught me so much, it’s beyond words! 

I’m planning on continuing gardening at home while the farm is in transition. I suggest, if you haven’t already or if you can, to grow some herbs or veggies at home. The experience of growing your own food is a must in life. It’s not only giving you food, but a connection with the local land, the Earth, and yourself. It’s great for the mind, body, and soul. If you need any help growing things, holler at me! I’d be so happy to help! 


– Alyssa 


Koji Pak Choi (Whitehurst Farms)

These beautiful leaves of pak choi are perfect for eating raw, sauteing, or mixing in with a stir fry!

Zucchini (Gundermann Acres)


Kale (Whitehurst Farms)

Dino kale has a deep-green flavor and a softer texture than its curly counterparts. Try using this kale raw in a salad, steaming or sauteing, or adding it to smoothies, juices, soups or pasta dishes. 


Hakurei Turnips are a lot milder than the turnips that you typically get from the store. They are a delicious raw, crunchy snack and are fabulous roasted with other root vegetables. Try boiling and mashing with potatoes to make a potato/turnip mash! Their greens are also delicious and can be used as raw or cooking greens.

Lettuce (Verde Greens)

This lettuce is especially delicate and crisp. It gives salads a clean crunch and it’s broad leaves could also act as a receptacle for lettuce wraps.

Dwarf Bok Choi

These adorable heads of bok choi are such a fun asian green. We use them in the same way we would use regular-sized bok choi–so perfect for stir-fries and also delicious raw in salads!

Red Potato (Gundermann Acres)

Perfect for mashed potatoes!