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by | Aug 28, 2017 | News

Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP


Thanks to all our friends, neighbors, and supporters near and far who have been reaching out to us over the past few weeks and we’re very grateful for the thoughts and concern during these difficult times in our great city. While did have some crop loss, we did not have any major damage to other farm infrastructure and should be able to recover and get things back to normal this fall.

However, there are farmers across the Gulf Coast that were not as lucky. If you’re looking to support farmers here on the Gulf Coast we recommend giving directly to Gundermann Acres Farm, a 500 acre family farm who lost everything during Harvey, or to TOFGA (Texas Organic Farmers & Gardener’s Association) Disaster Relief Fund – more information below

Thank you for your generous donations and support


Gundermann Acres- Harvey Relief

Gundermann Acres is a 500 acre vegetable farm in Wharton, Tx. Garrett, 4th generation of the Gundermann growers, currently runs the family farm, a long-standing member of the local food producing community of the Houston Area. Recently, along with many others along the Texas coast, they have been hit by one of the worst floodings in US history. The storm and flooding from the Colorado river completely covered their farm, in some places as much as 10ft causing them to lose everything on the farm including their home. In the end, the river rose to over 50ft, something it hasn’t done since 1913.

Please consider donating to support the Gundermann family and farm get back on their feet to continue to serve the Houston area with their fresh produce


TOFGA Disaster Relief Fund

Outside of Houston and along the Gulf Coast, hundreds of organic and sustainable farmers and ranchers need your help. You can help by contributing to TOFGA’s Disaster Relief Fund.

All donations will be used to directly support farmers and ranchers effected by Harvey. TOFGA does not charge a credit card processing fee or administrative fee. The Board will formalize and announce our fund distribution process shortly.