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Tiffany making deliveries for the NPP


Not gonna lie, y’all. Tomatoes are both the greatest blessing and the most dreadful curse.

There is truly nothing better than a perfectly ripe tomato. There are infinite possibilities in that juicy, round morsel – salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, even just biting into it like you would an apple. So tangy and sweet and tart!

But tomatoes are HARD to grow, especially in this climate! They love a mild Spring, which Houston weather in her unpredictability only grants us some of the time. Pest love them, they’re susceptible to disease and cracking if the climate isn’t to their liking, but in their stubbornness and frustrating delicateness, the perfect tomato is ALWAYS worth it.

Among the varieties that we are growing this season are Black Krim, Green Zebra, Black Cherry, Cherry Bomb, Porter, Sun Gold, Sunrise Bumblebee, Moskvich, Valencia, and Pink Berkeley Tie Die. So many types, so many colors, so many subtle and not-so-subtle differences in flavors! We love tomato season and we love sharing in this love with y’all!



Ceci is always the BEST at making incredible dishes out of whatever she has in the fridge. This week she made some pasta with Tomato and Strawberry sauce!

Ceci’s Pasta with Tomato and Strawberry Sauce

Finca Tomato

1/2 lbs of strawberry

1 bunch of Finca basil

3 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp of olive oil

Pasta of choice

salt and pepper to taste

Optional: parmesan or goat cheese!

While you boil water for your pasta, chop tomatoes and strawberries into chunks and place into a skillet with olive oil. Sauté on medium/high heat until softened and add balsamic, basil, salt and pepper. Continue to sauté until fragrant.

Once your pasta is finished, toss with your finished sauce and some parmesan or goat cheese! Enjoy!


Farmer Malone made a delicious roasted hash using our tomatoes and other Finca produce!

Farmer Malone’s Roasted Tomato Hash

Finca tomatoes

Finca Sweet Potato

Finca Green Peppers

Whitehurst Farm Egg

Red Onion

Salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking Oil of choice (Farmer Malone used the grease leftover from cooking up some Whitehurst Italian sausage!)

Chop all vegetables to your desired size. Drizzle on your cooking oil of choice Roast the veggies in the oven at 400 degrees for 30-40min.

While the veggies are finishing up their roast, you can fry an egg to your desired consistency (Farmer Malone made over-medium).

Once your veggies are done, scoop onto a plate or into a bowl and top with your fried egg! (Malone also sprinkled some Finca Moringa powder over the top!



Farmer Jess made a pasta sauce inspired by Marcella Hazan’s Tomato sauce recipe in the New York Times. Instead of using canned San Marzano tomatoes, Jess used our raw tomatoes!

Farmer Jess’s Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Finca tomatoes (seeds removed and flesh grated against the large holes of a box cheese grater until you make 2 cups of tomato pulp)

5 tablespoons of butter

1 onion peeled and cut in half

salt to taste

Pasta of choice

Optional: Parmesan cheese

While you boil water to prepare your pasta, combine the tomatoes, butter, and onion in a sauce pan with a pinch or two of salt.

Place over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Cook, uncovered, for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Remove onion halves before tossing the sauce with your finished pasta and some parmesan cheese! Yum!