Farm & Firelight: A Sustainable New Year’s Celebration

by | Dec 14, 2018 | News

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This year, commit to a sustainable celebration and skip the sequins and suits! Throw on a comfortable and casual outfit to celebrate the new year in a new way: sustainably at Finca Tres Robles, Houston’s only private farm in the inner loop. This twist on a traditional New Year’s Eve bash makes for an unforgettable experience, while supporting the unique agricultural space Finca Tres Robles has created in the East End–historically, an area of Houston that has been plagued by food deserts and healthy food inaccessibility.

Cozy up around bonfires, roast marshmallows with your friends, warm up with hot toddies, craft beer from Sigma Brewing Co., and nonalcoholic drinks in reusable glasses–no disposable cups here. Grab a late-night snack from a local food truck, or dessert from a spread of traditional Scandinavian baked goods from the East End’s Home Baked Hembakat. All food is served on compostable dinnerware.

Get your tickets now, and party with a purpose!

20181019_Foraging_Dinner_Finca_Tres_Robles_Amy Scott, ©  A.E.Scott Designs 2018-15.jpg

20181019_Foraging_Dinner_Finca_Tres_Robles_Amy Scott, ©  A.E.Scott Designs 2018-8.jpg