40 Chances

 Countdown to a new Finca Tres Robles 

Our theme for this year is “40 Chances” – we start now to make real generational impacts in our East End community.

Join us at the foundational stage of our journey as we contemplate what you want your neighborhood to look like in 2062, and what are the ways you’ll take actions to create a future we can all thrive in right now?

We have 40 opportunities, 40 harvests, and 40 years to improve the food security and health outcomes of our neighbors.

Over the next 40 years…

For us this has been a year of transitions, learning, and growing.

While many of you know that we are transitioning our farm Finca Tres Robles to its new location, we are also in the process of hiring new farm staff, building out our programs and adding more households to our Neighborhood Produce Program- we’ve been busy!

A New Opportunity

While the growth has been incredible and the learning opportunities have been many, we know that we couldn’t do it without your support.

Please consider helping us close 2023 strong with a foundation to take into an exciting year ahead!


Join our Community


Week of Produce (x1)


Field Trip for Class


Build-Out the Farm

600,000 Impacted

We estimate that over 600,000 individuals across our community and city will be impacted by Finca Tres Robles through programs, produce, events, and beyond.

12,000,000 lbs

We estimate that, through Finca Tres Robles' NPP, CSA, and storefront, we will distribute over 12 million pounds of produce from local farmers to our neighbors.

A donation to Small Places is an investment for today and tomorrow and come join us on the journey.